Anyone unfamiliar with the game of CROQUET but wishing to find out what it is all about can check out The Croquet Association website,


Even better, come along and meet us on either of our social club afternoons after our Club re-opens in April.  These are Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2 p.m. when a free introductory session can be arranged.


Contact Keith Bishop on 0121 688 1020

or Esther Jones by e-mail:


The Club plays both official versions of Croquet, namely Golf Croquet and Association Croquet. Golf croquet is quick to learn. Association Croquet is more complex.


On our club afternoons Golf Croquet doubles is played, an ideal way to teach new players. The afternoons include tea and an opportunity to get to know our members.
On Fridays and Sundays from 10.30 a.m. Association croquet is played, with coaching if required. From mid afternoon the lawns are available for any kind of play.
On Mondays from 3 p.m. into the evening singles Golf croquet is played, along with coaching.

Tea, coffee, drinks and light snacks are always available in the clubhouse.


On normal club days there is no particular dress code,

the only constraint is that flat-soled shoes must be worn to protect our lawns.

Predominatly white clothing is worn for matches and tournaments.


The Club caters for players of all abilities!


Those just looking for a pleasant social scene will enjoy the two club afternoons a week and the pleasant ambience that the Club has to offer at all times.


Those wanting to play more seriously will be encouraged to take part in our in-club competitions, which are tailored for both Association and Golf players of all abilities. They will also be encouraged to represent the Club in league matches,

and enter as individuals tournaments both at our Club and around the country.


You will be surprised at how many new friends can be made within the national croquet family.


Members are also able to arrange games privately or to come and practice any time subject to availability of the lawns. (The corporate events and tournaments which we host are listed in the diary in the clubhouse and on the website.)


Barbecues, fun competitions and meals out are often arranged on an ad hoc basis.


Members are welcome to bring along friends for a visitor fee of £5 per half day or £10 per full day. (Maximum of 3 visits per guest per season).



 Membership fees, per annum, are:

New members: £95

Full members: £200

Country members: £100

Students: £40

Juniors: £25





Contact Us Today:

Edgbaston Croquet Club

18 Richmond Hill Rd


B15 3RP


Contact Esther Jones 








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